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Graduate Trainee, Ireland


The SK Graduate Programme provides a structured environment for both personal and professional development via projects that add value to the organisation at group, national and local level.

Why Smurfit Kappa?

The Smurfit Kappa graduate programme is one of the most widely recognised for career development in Ireland. The companies long history of developing leaders in commerce attracted me to the graduate programme, while the opportunity for an International Placement as well as the potential to develop a career overseas where SK Group operate in more than 30 countries were also pivotal in my decision.

Tell us about your first days at Smurfit Kappa: 

My first days were quite daunting but I quickly got to know my colleagues and they all helped to make me comfortable while at the same time presenting me with challenging tasks and relevant training. I have been included in every imaginable meeting by the general manager who was an invaluable mentor and these meetings gave me a very strong grounding in the industry, the market and business practice at Smurfit Kappa.

What have been the most rewarding moments at Smurfit Kappa?

The feedback received from colleagues when you have exceeded expectations has been extremely rewarding. There is a good camaraderie across the workforce at Smurfit Kappa no matter the role and this somewhat flat management structure sees everyone pulling together and going above and beyond to achieve success. Working on projects with graduates both in Ireland and the UK has also been rewarding as it has opened up my understanding of business at a group level, as well as the social aspect of meeting new colleagues.

What competencies do you think are key to succeed in your current role?

I think being able to adapt and take initiative are key to being successful in my current role. I also believe that being able to perform under pressure, having strong interpersonal skills as well as technical abilities are also extremely important.


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