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Sales & Marketing Director, Niederlande
Make sure you have a dream and go for it, because the possibilities are there within Smurfit Kappa



Why did I join Smurfit Kappa?

I joined Smurfit Kappa to be part of international operating company with its products in several supply chains. As a former business consultant, I had my interests, as an advisor, in different business chains. I wanted to extend that experience from a manufacturing perspective instead of consulting perspective; (corrugated) board was the answer. When I entered the industry I was surprised by the usage of paper and board products. (corrugated) Board is used in almost every business/supply chain. The variety of board products is enormous and I find the production process very impressive.

In terms of development I was also looking for an organization were I had the possibility to develop my leadership skills; Smurfit Kappa was the answer.


What has been the most rewarding experience at Smurfit Kappa?

My most rewarding experience surely is the feeling I had of really being accepted as a Dutch man in our Belgium organization. At that time I made the move from one of our operating companies in the North of the Netherlands to Belgium. Although we seem to speak the same language (Dutch / Vlaams) there are cultural differences. And managing cultural differences really is challenge. That’s also one of the nice things about working for a European (or even global) group as we are; you have the opportunity to work with and within different cultures. This is live-enriching experience and in my current job I have that every day.

What does the future hold?

At a certain period in time my dream was to become sales director of one of our operating companies. Before my current job as Director Sales & Marketing for the Benelux , I was sales director for 5 years at one of the operating companies, living my dream. Today I am living beyond my dream. So the future would be for me to make a success of my current job and develop a new dream, which I have learned, is possible within the company.


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