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Executive Assistant des CEO von Spanien & Portugal


Joining Smurfit Kappa was an easy choice for me. It is a place that meets my expectations of job satisfaction, teamwork and professional progression.

Why did you join Smurfit Kappa?

Joining Smurfit Kappa was an easy choice for me. It is a place that meets my expectations of job satisfaction, teamwork and professional progression. This is a place that values people, encourages innovation and hard work in order to achieve the customer’s demands. It motivates its workers to think outside the box, to rely on their peers and reach synergies that result in improved methods. These improvements will attest fundamental to an industry where optimization is necessary to achieve the desired results. The bottom line is I felt right at home.

Career path with the company:

My first contact with SK was a summer internship in Cali, Colombia while completing my undergraduate degree in Purdue, University. After this first experience, I came back the next summer to complete a second internship but this time in Madrid, Spain. One year later after graduation, I joined the Group as a fulltime employee. My first task was as a business analyst in a Madrid corrugated plant and current hold the position of assistant plant manager at a larger facility near Valencia.

What I am currently working on:

Due to the current economic situation, we are mainly focused on process optimization, CTO and innovative packaging alternatives. I am involved in several groups focusing on achieving production efficiency and economies of scale by improving existing methods and changing mentalities. Also, the company is trying to balance out the continuous increase in raw materials prices by reducing operating costs at every level. This is something we are dedicating a lot of time and effort in our everyday operations.

What does the future hold?

My idea for the future is to keep growing and evolving professional within Smurfit Kappa. This is a company with endless opportunities, diverse locations and different business areas where employees can set a long and successful career path. In the near future I see myself working in the Corrugated Division of SK Spain and Portugal, but in the long term, who knows… There are 30 different countries with SK presence and I am sure each one has something remarkable to offer.


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