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​We consider continuous, open and constructive dialogue with our various stakeholder groups in all countries and areas where we operate to be of key importance.

The different stakeholder groups we recognise are listed hereunder and a summary of how we engage with them is provided.


We are continuously looking to intensify our engagement with customers and in turn their customers (e.g. retailers) on key sustainability issues. Important areas of interaction are sustainable fibre sourcing, carbon footprint and social compliance. These interactions with customers can be in the form of conferences and round-table discussions with sustainability officers from customers, jointly working on specific projects in sustainability, attending customer conferences or supporting customers with their specific sustainability initiatives. 


Our employees are the key to our success. Their health and safety is a core value and we place significant emphasis on their well-being. There are numerous training activities for our employees ranging from training on the job to advanced management courses, both internal as well as external. There is extensive interaction between our management and representatives of our employees through the various employee representative bodies. Our Code of Business Conduct reflects how we conduct our business and the important role our employees play in that.


There is an extensive programme involving road shows and investor days where analysts and investors have the opportunity to engage in dialogue with senior operating management. One-on-one meetings, telephone conferences, and participation in industry-related investor conferences also form part of our investor relations initiative.


Besides the usual interactions with suppliers, there are specific programmes and initiatives in place to assure we can realise our sustainable sourcing objectives such as audits and questionnaires and the requirement that our suppliers deliver in conformity with our Sustainability Sourcing Policy. Smurfit Kappa’s operations are required to source products and services from local suppliers where possible, consistent with the need to ensure the best appropriate quality at the right price and appropriate support for sustainability.


Memberships of, or participations in, organisations such as FSC®, PEFC, the Supplier Ethical Data Exchange (Sedex), CDP and Water Footprint Network. Dialogue, both direct and indirect, (through membership organisations) and cooperation on specific topics such as water and CO2 sequestration.

Local communities

We engage in social projects, and health, employment and environmental initiatives in the countries in which we operate. In Latin America, in particular, there are some extensive programmes involving significant company expenditure together with the devotion of our employees’ time and expertise. The aim is to assist communities in self-help. The Smurfit Kappa Group Foundation targets social responsibility, particularly in the area of youth health and education in those countries in which Smurfit Kappa operates. 

Government and society

We foster membership of industry associations at national and international level, and participation in forums related to broader business issues and society in general.


The input from different stakeholder groups particularly useful in helping us to refine the concept of materiality.

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Smurfit Kappa Foundation

The Smurfit Kappa Foundation supports sustainable projects in the countries where we have the privilege to operate.

Learn more about the foundation


We have a series of codes of conducts and policies covering a number of areas relating to our operational and managerial practices.

View and download our policies