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Our Company

Our Company

PM4 at Smurfit Kappa SSK is a 2 ply Fourdrinier machine, 4.75m wide hybrid former running at speeds of up to 800meters per minute. 

Recovered fibre in the form of both old corrugated case material (OCC) and mixed fibres are fed into a stock preparation plant for pulping and removal of the non-fibrous material.

PM4 comprises of a wet end, 2 roll presses, 1 extended nip press (ENP) and a dryer section incorporating a Size Press.  The Size press is used to apply a starch and size solution to the sheet to enhance its finished properties.

The finished product is slit on a state of the art winder to produce customer reels of specific grade, grammage and deckle before being stored in an automated warehouse system.  Self-guided vehicles (SGV’s) are used to store and prepare reels for shipments to our customers around the clock.

The water required for the paper making process is extracted from the aquifer via bore holes.  Energy and steam are generated via 2 combined heat and power plants (CHP’s) and further steam is generated in a set of package boilers.  Dirty water is treated onsite in an anaerobic water treatment plant installed in 2009.  This unit reduces the COD and suspended solids of our waste water before it is discharged to the local foul sewer.  This process, which takes place in an IC reactor (internal circulation), also generates bio-gas which is used to supplement the sites natural gas requirement and will be used shortly to generate further electricity.

Key to the whole process is our people.  110 employees ensure that we are able to run and maintain PM4, store and handle all our raw materials and finished products, manage our people and accounts, and operate to the best possible standards which is clearly demonstrated through all our accreditations.

The whole process is a 24/7 operation producing a high quality product thus enabling us to deliver an excellent standard of customer service.