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Experience the shopper journey

Our 3D Store Visualiser is a technological advance that allows you to live the shopper experience so that you may analyse and optimise packaging performance virtually.

With the Store Visualiser, you can assess the impact of your packaging design and test it before it even goes to market.

It allows access to thousands of high-quality interchangeable scenarios, shelf imagery, pictures, movies and live demos of segment brands and customer specific packaging options.

So before you make it real, make it right.

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3D Store Visualiser in action

What can you do with the 3D Store Visualiser?

It’s like a real-world launch, without the real-world risk which gives you a unique opportunity to challenge assumptions, eliminate bias and verify effectiveness before you even sign off the first proof.

  • Change design and colour at the click of a button
  • See what your product looks like on a full shelf (early morning) and on a half empty shelf (late afternoon)
  • Review your product’s impact on the top as well as bottom shelf
  • Merchandise with real competitors
  • A real-life 3D experience on a 2.5 by 4.5 meter screen
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