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ShelfSmart - A scientific approach to shelf ready packaging

Smurfit Kappa’s ShelfSmart service uses evidence, technology and decades of experience to reveal how your packaging will perform before it’s made. Our fleet of 700 designers create prototypes, which are then tested with real shoppers in a virtual 3D retail environment. 

6 steps to shopper marketing success

Step 1 - Issue 

Smurfit Kappa will help you identify the underlying issue in your brand shopper marketing presence and strategy. 



Step 2 - Info

Using the innovative Smurfit Kappa Shelf viewer tool, we evaluate your brands shelf presence from over 29,000 in-store views across the world, comparing brands, placements and configurations.


Step 3 - Insight

Jointly combining consumer and retailer insights will drive the discovery of what it is, about your brand, that will optimise the path to purchase from attraction through to engagement to conversion.


Step 4 – Solution

We feed these valuable insights and our packaging know-how into Innobook. With over 6500 global shopper solutions, Innobook provides the basis for design experts to create a powerful shopper marketing solution for you.

Step 5 - Simulation

Our inventive 3D Store Visualiser projects your brand in a virtual shopping environment, visualising and positioning it for testing against various different markets, channels, placements and personal need-states.

Step 6 – Proof

Using technologies like online shopper research including eye-tracking, in just weeks we can provide predictive scores to support effective in-store execution leading to greater confidence for return on investment.