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Emballages innovants

Helping customers meet and exceed consumer needs is what drives Smurfit Kappa and its 700 designers across the globe each and every day.

Our world-class packaging designers are setting the global benchmark for creativity and innovation. In November 2016 this was internationally recognised when we walked away with five of the most prestigious design awards at the Red Dot Awards for Communication Design.

Smurfit Kappa teams from Germany, Poland and Spain, created a series of unique designs helping to elevate consumer experience.

The team in Germany rose to the challenge of creating a packaging solution that would encourage both healthy eating habits and sustainable behaviour. The result was the “Cardboard Playground” – a ground- breaking design for apples which transforms into a fun toy for children. Discover more about this product

The German team also came up with clever packaging for eggs which removes the need for consumers to open the pack to check if any are broken. See how this product was designed

For pet-lovers in Poland the traditional plastic cat carrier was turned into an eco-alternative. Made entirely from cardboard, ‘Catventure’, transforms from cat carrier to cosy home in one swift and simple move. Hear how the designer created the product

The second Polish winner was the ‘SoFruPack’ which transports fruit punnets securely to keep them fresh and unspoilt. Find our more about this winning design

The challenge of carrying a pair of heavy bottles safely and easily was solved through the handy ‘Strong Grip’ container in Spain. Take a look at 'Strong grip'

All five products were recognised by Red Dot for their innovative designs, use of sustainable materials and consumer convenience