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Your safety during Covid-19

Our Pulse Survey helped us to understand how our employees were feeling about the COVID-19 pandemic.

The health and safety of our people came into even sharper focus during the COVID-19 pandemic, its effects caused unprecedented disruption for our employees and in order to connect directly and demonstrate how much we care for our people, we undertook a Group-wide Pulse Survey in May.

The aim of the survey was to help us understand if our response to COVID-19 was appropriate; to get feedback from all levels in the organisation; to help understand what we could do better; and to understand how our people were feeling about the pandemic. This year we dedicated our annual ‘Smurfit Kappa Safety Week’ to the survey, which was focussed on ‘SKG – Your Safety during COVID-19’.

We asked colleagues how they were feeling; if they felt the leadership was doing enough to help keep them stay safe; and if we could do more. We asked for feedback on our new PPE and safety procedures and we also wanted to understand if they were happy with our level and frequency of communications.

The results of the survey showed broad support of our COVID-19 approach. We received positive scores of over 90%, across all four areas of the survey: Concern and Connection; Employee Wellness Health and Safety; Senior Leadership Response and Communication and Work Effectiveness.


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