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Helping autistic children in the Czech Republic

Funding a new service for autistic children in the Czech Republic.

A brand new class for children with autism has recently opened in Olomouc in the Czech Republic, providing a brighter future for local families. Responding to a call for funding, Smurfit Kappa Olomouc jumped into action, engaging the help of the Smurfit Kappa Foundation. We worked together to fund the creation of a new library and the purchase of specialist equipment for this much needed project.

The result is a new service, available to local children with autism, which teaches through Applied Behavioural Analysis (ABA) – a method that has been used very successfully for teaching children with this type of lifelong developmental disability.

“My son is now able to follow simple instructions: water the lavender, put on his shirt, he is even able to go to the store for 10 items from a list. In January 2020, this would have been mission impossible.” Mr. Nábělek, founder of ABA class.

Helping austic Children 

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