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23 Oct 2012

'Smurfit Kappa recommends: Add some colour'

​Say goodbye to dull, neutral interlayer pads at point of sale.

Even products sold directly from the pallet deserve to get more attention and need to communicate the brand message effectively.

While goods exposed on the shelf receive a lot of attention with eye-catching packaging, products sold directly from the pallet often get little response. Once the first few products have been sold, the unattractive grey-brown paper or cardboard interlayers are exposed. This is a missed opportunity, with this surface being perfect for placing a marketing message or communicating your brand more effectively.




The Smurfit Kappa site in Feucht produces printed interlayer pads economically and efficiently. In contrast to common methods, there is no second production step, making it cheaper and faster than other manufacturers. It is even possible to round the corners of the interlayer pad – which prevents perforation of the stretch foil covering the products - in just one step. The end result is more attention, meaning more sales. Add some colour - small surcharge, great result!