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21 Dec 2012

Argentina – Santa visits disadvantaged kids in Quilmes

Smurfit Kappa Argentina (Bernal) invited a special person to the province of Buenos Aires in December 2011.

There was much joy when Santa and his reindeer landed in the city of Quilmes to visit disadvantaged children from a poor community.

Santa wasted no time in cheering everyone up. He gave away presents and played games with the children. Smurfit Kappa Argentina was invited by the Quilmes Municipal Authorities to sponsor their annual closing of activities in ‘The Eucalyptus’. This is a community canteen for young children built by local people.

Santa was not the only VIP for the children in Quilmes. Musician Changui also made an appearance to teach the youngsters to play music. The Municipal Authorities combined the festivities with a series of practical activities focussed on health care. Doctors were present and information was given about vaccination plants. Veterinarians provided services for pets. Green spaces were cleaned and together people planted trees to improve the neighbourhood.