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Cat Litter Packaging


See how we helped Gestoagro eliminate plastic packaging from its cat litter products

The Challenge
Gestoagro, an animal care company in Colombia has been in the market since 2002 with a range of different pet products. They wanted to replace their plastic packaging for its cat litter with a sustainable material which would live up to the company’s brand promise of sustainability and respect for pets. 
Cat Litter Plastic Packaging
Cat litter packaging
The Approach
We went through a complete redesign process with Gestoagro to develop a sustainable paper-based solution that eliminated plastic, generated savings and raised the brand perception of the product. The paper sack is cleverly printed in polychrome and by using only 4 inks we were able to create 14 colours giving it excellent stand-out on shelf.
Cat litter packaging
The Result
The new paper sack solution is strong, highly branded and 100% recyclable and  biodegradable.  It is now fully aligned with Gestoagro’s brand promise of sustainability. This new ecofriendly packaging has significantly improved the customer’s perception of the product. We were able to solve all of Gestoagro’s issues not only on the packaging but also with our service.
Packaging for cat litter

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