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Climate Change


Although our industry is an intensive user of energy, it is also one of the most efficient, and we make significant and growing use of renewable energy.

We are well placed to play our part in limiting the global temperature rise to well below two degrees, as agreed at the Paris Accord.

Climate change is a challenge that stimulates us to improve product design, reduce customer carbon footprints, improve production efficiency and inform how we invest for the long term. Our stakeholders, notably customers and investors, expect us to approach climate change responsibly and request detailed progress reports.

Reducing emissions

We use a three-pronged approach to reduce our carbon intensity:

Efficient energy generation

  • Investing in highly efficient Combined Heat and Power (CHP) systems
  • Improving the efficiency of our current boiler houses

Energy saving programmes

  • Reducing our energy use through research and new technologies
  • Investing in fossil fuel CO2 reductions

Carbon emissions reduction

  • Shifting to lower CO2 fuels such as biomass and natural gas

Using our suite of tools including Paper to Box and Pack Expert, we work with customers to determine the carbon footprint of their packaging and develop smart solutions that can significantly cut their emissions. We help them avoid product waste, minimise over-specified packaging and increase recycling.

Looking ahead

By focusing our targets on reducing our carbon footprint, we also steer energy savings and investments in non-fossil energy sources. This work helps us continuously lower our greenhouse gas emissions and becoming more efficient. We are committed to do our share in achieving the Paris Agreement targets. Our goals are:

  • Assessing energy usage reduction opportunities in converting operations by 2020
  • Decreasing paper mill fossil intensity by 40% by 2030 compared to 2005