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Better Planet Packaging

Better Planet Packaging Initiative

An initiative to reduce packaging waste by creating more sustainable packaging


Innovation, substitution and collaboration are at the heart of our new initiative to work towards a sustainable future for our customers, our future and ourselves.

Packaging holds a valuable, sustainable role in guarding against waste and through our initiative, we will use our strength in sustainable materials, packaging design, packaging recycling and industry leading expertise to develop more sustainable packaging solutions for our customers, our planet and ourselves. 
Our approach

Here's why sustainable packaging should be on your agenda

75% of shoppers prefer paper-based packaging over plastic

Better planet packaging ecommerce

The consumer demand for action on waste reduction has put sustainability at the heart of brand strategy, government policy and legislation.  Find out how we are helping retailers and customers to improve sustainability credentials and add brand value.

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86% of consumers prefer buffering that is easy to dispose and recycle.

Buffering - Foam

Producers are facing increasing pressure to provide sustainable packaging solutions for a rapidly changing supply chain. Find out how we are collabortaing with customers and using innovation to create sustainable packaging solutions for different distribution channels.

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Did you know that paper biodegrades faster than an apple core?

Better Planet Packaging Apple Core

Paper is 100% renewable, biodegradable with the highest collection and recycling rates. 

Find out more about why paper-based packaging is the sustainable packaging of choice.

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