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Induction Hob


Changing the industry standard for the transit of induction hobs by switching from EPS to a paper-based alternative

The current industry standard for protecting induction hobs in transit is EPS, however, EPS is a highly visible, expensive and non-recyclable material. Retailers and consumers are looking for sustainable alternative packaging solutions that can offer the same level of protection throughout the supply chain.
Made from tempered glass, induction hobs are resistant to abrasion and heat but are fragile to handle and transport. EPS provides substantial protection and cushioning during handling and transport however it is expensive to manufacture and non-recyclable.
The paper-based solution
Smurfit Kappa developed a paper-based Hexacomb solution which combines a superior rigidity prior to any shock with a remarkable cushioning performance after shock. The solution is 100% renewable, recyclable and biodegradable with significantly less tooling costs (about 80% less) than EPS. It is another excellent example of a Better Planet Packaging solution.
Induction hobs packaging

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