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Case Study

Machine erect apple tray withstands high humidity in the supply chain and delivers significant savings

The challenge

  • Bohemia apple was looking for a packaging partner to redesign their existing pack
  • The existing pack was manually assembled and unable to handle the humidity, load, handling and transport
  • The customer required a pack that could withstand 24 hours within relative humidity of 95% and a temperature of 4-10 degrees Celsius 
  • It had to perform across the whole supply chain


Our approach

  • Smurfit Kappa recommended that Bohemia Apple invested in an automated solution
  • By using a tray erector, the tray would be much stronger than with manual assembly
  • We completely redesigned the existing pack including changing the flute orientation to increase stackability
  • The trays also include clever tabs making  them easy and safer to stack
  • We now supply three different trays for 3kg, 7kg and 12kg of apples


The result

  • €84k savings
  • Despite the challenging supply chain conditions the new tray is solid, durable and fully functional
  • 70% less customer complaints
  • 100% suitable for the supply chain