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Nettingsdorf good at heart

Our investment in a new recovery boiler in Austria will contribute to our Net Zero emissions target. 

“The recovery boiler is the heart of a pulp mill,” says Günter Leitgeb, Pulp Mill Manager of Smurfit Kappa Nettingsdorf, Austria, “and our heart was set on increasing sustainability and circularity, as well as combatting climate change.”

Our Smurfit Kappa Nettingsdorf kraftliner paper mill has initiated a Future Energy Plant project, which upgraded the water treatment plant and installed new drying cylinders on the paper machine. However, the major upgrade is the new recovery boiler.

“We needed the best one on the market – a massive investment of €134 million – but it will pay for itself with a 10% increase in boiler efficiency, as well as combatting climate change by cutting CO2 emissions by 40,000 tonnes a year,” says Günter. “That’s two-thirds of our emissions and a significant step in the direction of achieving Smurfit Kappa's target of reducing fossil emissions by 55% by 2030.”

The new boiler recovers inorganic chemicals as smelt and burns wood-material not needed for paper production, recovering the heat as steam. The new advanced steam engine uses this to efficiently generate bioenergy electricity.

It has advanced process controllers and sophisticated software to finely control combustion, allowing reduction of emissions like nitrous oxides, or dust, which has been reduced to a tenth at under 5mg per cubic metre. There is also a safety gain – the new boiler has a robot for cleaning the ‘smelt’ spot, formerly a safety concern for workers in any paper mill.

With the plant’s 34% increase in productivity since becoming part of Smurfit Kappa in 1995, the new boiler was needed to cope with the demand. It began operating in June 2020 and will contribute to Smurfit Kappa’s Net Zero emissions target by using CO2 neutral biofuel.

“In addition to being a benefit for the global environment,” adds Günter, “our new boiler has also made us more popular in our local environment as it also gets rid of all odorous gases!”

Smurfit Kappa Nettingsdorf 



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