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Protecting our planet

At Smurfit Kappa, sustainability is in our every fibre. We have a deep commitment to the planet and we believe that we must always do our best to help protect our planet. Not only do we strive for this through our products and operations, but our teams are also committed to this on a local level. Our activities can be seen from tackling litter, to recycling to promoting and protecting our local ecosystems.

A snapshot of the 'Protecting our planet' initiatives that are taking place in our local communities

The Nature Tourism Project in Colombia
Smurfit Kappa Colombia
The Nature Tourism Project is part of community planning project which brings together care for the natural environment with employment opportunities. Smurfit Kappa Colombia have been playing an active role in teaching local communities and tourists how to conserve their ecosystems while providing a means of additional income for local families.
The Nature Tourism Project in Colombia
Smurfit Kappa United Kingdom
After hearing the bee population in the UK is declining, employees at SSK Paper mill in Birmingham decided to take action by partnering with a local bee-keeper. The site now has a share in all the honey made which they use as a way to raise money for local community projects. The newly founded “Bee Team” are giving back to their community and also the environment.
Bee-keeping the SSK Way in the UK
Protecting our planet in Brazil
Smurfit Kappa Brazil
Smurfit Kappa is involved in a lovely animal charity called Patas e Focinho – Paws and Muzzle, to help abandoned animals in need of care. They recognised that during the Covid-19 pandemic there was an increase in abandoned pets and so organised a donation of some innovative corrugated cat and dog houses, along with supplies such as animal food. 
Protecting our planet in Brazil
Smurfit Kappa Argentina
Smurfit Kappa Bernal in Argentina has been supporting the Garrahan Hospital recycling programme which exchanges bottle caps, keys and CDs for economic support for the hospital. Smurfit Kappa Tijuana have been busy collecting plastic, cans and electronic waste in order to support Calfornia’s Children’s Hospital foundation. For each kilo of waste collected a donation is made to the hospital.
Recycling with the Garrahan Hospital in Argentina
Open Community

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Open Community Brochure 2020

Smurfit Kappa believes strongly in investing in projects that help to build a sustainable future in the communities and countries in which we operate. Take a look at some of these initiatives in our 'Open Community 2020' brochure

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Open Community Brochure