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Getting active for our communities

It’s not enough for us to support our local communities but to be a part of them. We are proud of the efforts and contributions our teams make at a local level to support the many wonderful initiatives that take place. We have shown ourselves to be an energetic, committed and sporting organisation through the many activities over the last year.  

A snapshot of how we're getting active for our communities

Getting active for our Communities in Austria
Smurfit Kappa Austria

A team of passionate athletes from Smurfit Kappa Nettingsdorf took part in a unique charity run for a local children’s cancer foundation. Smurfit Kappa Nettingsdorf contributed a financial donation for every kilometre the team achieved. At the end of the race, the team had run an impressive 151 kilometres!

Getting active for our Communities in Austria
Smurfit Kappa Spain
Keen to promote the inclusion of people with disabilities in sport, Smurfit Kappa Valencia came together to support the Il Grand Prix Spanish Cup of Adapted cycling. The initiative aimed to raise an awareness of adapted cycling, and the wonderful sporting opportunities that it can provide.
Getting active for our Communities in Spain
Getting active for our Communities in Russia
Smurfit Kappa Russia
With experienced beach volleyball players among their ranks, Smurfit Kappa Russia organised for a team of enthusiastic players to participate in a charity tournament to raise money for children who suffer from facial abnormalities. The tournament raised the equivalent of almost €4000 which will cover the cost of life changing surgeries for two young children. 
Getting active for our Communities in Russia
Smurfit Kappa Poland
Employees from Smurfit Kappa Poland have come together to participate in a cycling race to raise money for a young girl from Białołęka who, along with scoliosis, suffers from many different health issues. The race was organised to raise money for her continued treatment by a range of different specialists. The cycling race also helped to promote Białołęka as a safe destination for cycling trips.
Getting Active for our communities in Poland
Open Community

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Open Community Brochure 2020

Smurfit Kappa believes strongly in investing in projects that help to build a sustainable future in the communities and countries in which we operate. Take a look at some of these initiatives in our 'Open Community 2020' brochure

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