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Empowering our communities

At Smurfit Kappa we are deeply committed to supporting the many communities across the 35 countries within which we operate. Internally and externally, we make the well-being of people a priority throughout our organisation. We are proud to invest in our communities and to give back through volunteering our time, effort and expertise as well as through financial and other aid donations

A snapshot of how we're empowering our local communities

Empowering Communities in Colombia
Smurfit Kappa Colombia
In cities around Colombia, struggling families hang red handkerchiefs on their doors and windows as a sign that they urgently need food. Every day employees of Smurfit Kappa Colombia see these households on their way to work. To show their neighbourly compassion, workers contributed to a collection of food and money which they donated in support of their community.
Empowering Communities in Colombia
Smurfit Kappa Italy
This summer, with the help of the Smurfit Kappa Foundation, Smurfit Kappa Italy opened a very special park called “Il Parco Per Tutti” – The Park for All.  With inclusion at its core, the park is designed to facilitate everyone, including children with disabilities. Now, the children and families in the local area have a safe space to enjoy their free time.
Empowering Communities in Italy
Empowering Communities in the Dominican Republic
Smurfit Kappa Dominican Republic
Employees from Smurfit Kappa Dominican Republic braved heavy rain and poor weather to ensure the safe delivery of hygiene and sanitation products to the Abriendo Camino Foundation. During the Covid-19 pandemic, this welcome donation provided crucial supplies to over 350 families, who otherwise would have been at greater risk from the virus.
Empowering Communities in the Dominican Republic
Smurfit Kappa Argentina
Smurfit Kappa Bernal has been supporting their neighbours, the Association of Parents of Children with Special Needs (APHE) for the past number of years by purchasing their baked goods for coffee breaks, events and Christmas gifts. The organisation help integrate young people with special needs into the community by providing courses on computers, screen printing, theatre and cooking. 
Empowering Communities in Argentina
Open Community

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Open Community Brochure 2020

Smurfit Kappa believes strongly in investing in projects that help to build a sustainable future in the communities and countries in which we operate. Take a look at some of these initiatives in our 'Open Community 2020' brochure

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Open Community Brochure