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Better Planet Packaging eCommerce


Sustainable packaging that delivers performance and product protection across the supply chain

Retailers and producers face huge supply chain complexities as they strive to meet the rapidly growing consumer demand for a reduction in packaging waste and less use of plastic. 

We understand the challenges faced by supply chain managers including:


The demands of a rapidly changing retail environment are creating immense pressures on supply chain and packing lines, designed to achieve maximum speed and efficiency for repetitive functions.
Our expertise and experience in supply chains and machine systems enables us to partner with customers to innovate and test alternative sustainable solutions for multiple distribution channels. At Smurfit Kappa, as well as considering your current supply chain in its entirety, we’ll also examine our extensive industry dataset (including 70,000 supply chains, 8,500 packing lines and 7,500 packaging solutions) to shape our recommendations and help you be more agile.


eCommerce has resulted in massive disruption to traditional supply chains that is challenging existing supply chain principles.  Focus has expanded from primary product packaging and traditional supply chain distribution to secondary packaging performance through multiple contact points in the journey from manufacture to consumer.
We work with customers to create sustainable solutions that provide a balance between product protection and supply chain efficiency. 


While many sustainable solutions are available now, many challenges lie ahead and innovative design is critical to enable waste reduction We invest heavily in research and development with a network of R & D Centres, Experience Centres and unique tools to help us create fit-for-purpose, cost-effective and sustainable packaging solutions. Our global network of 1000 designers and database of over 7500 designs ensure that we have access to the latest design innovation around the world.    

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