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Case Study

Simple but effective self locking solution improves brand recognition and reduces theft for S'portofino

The challenge

  • Standard solution did not secure product from being stolen. Sides of package were easy to lean back and thus create space to take products out. 
  • Thefts and returns of damaged packages were more and more common.
  • Redesign of existing e-commerce packaging solution in order to provide high security of products, without negative aftereffects on pack line efficiency or clients' unpacking experiences.

Our approach

We looked at insights around:

  • Product logistics & customers' requirements
  • Packaging design for both security and high brand recognition
  • Adjustment to the client's pack line

The result

  • Easy but powerful solution with special lockers in top flap locks in package sides to foil possibility to lean back the corrugated walls and still products.
  • Increased security of product in delivery with 50% less claims and returns.
  • No changes in the size of the corrugated sheet so no changes in price
  • 50% higher incomes from product sales with higher brand recognition and premium perception.

No changes in size
of corrugated sheet


No changes in prize