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14 Feb 2013

UK – Right on track with Marks & Spencer Food Waste Pack

The consultants of Helistrat bring clarity to environmental legislation and value to businesses in all areas of developing and implementing waste management and cleaning strategies. In conjunction with Helistrat, Smurfit Kappa undertook a “Walk the Flow” review of the operations at Marks & Spencer and, together, they identified opportunities to re-engineer an existing design of the Food Waste Pack.

Bernard Amos, CEO Helistrat Management Services, explains: “Smurfit Kappa provided a sustainable alternative to a waste food box solution for the recovery of out-of-date food products. Our objectives were to offer a solution to ‘combat climate change, reduce waste, use sustainable raw materials and to support the business’s ethical trading’. Smurfit Kappa delivered a solution that exceeded Marks & Spencer Plan A requirements and resulted in an overall material reduction of 129 tonnes.”


“The materials used were 100% recyclable and a 15% reduction to the size of the food box increased lorry fill by 100%, reducing the transport carbon footprint by 50%. Helistrat is delighted to have an ethically ‘green’ packaging partner who is truly innovative, and who can help us deliver Marks & Spencer Plan A objectives with precision, and originality.” In 2011, Helistrat was awarded a prestigious CSR Award by Marks & Spencer.