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26 Oct 2012

The power of High Performance Fluting

Sustainability case study: Fluting, the middle layer in corrugated board, is traditionally produced with virgin or recycled fibres or a mix of both.  

Smurfit Kappa continuously develops new packaging papers to serve the different needs of customers. The challenge is to add strength and to reduce fibre usage and costs at the same time.

Smurfit Kappa developed a new high performance fluting portfolio, ranging from HP1 to HP3, that covers an optimum spectrum in terms of strength levels. HP3 is 20% stronger than traditional recycled fluting, while HP1 possesses the highest recycled strength in the market. High performance fluting replaces traditional recycled fluting, but with lower grammage. 

The new product range is manufactured with a special recipe that can be tailored to match local production variables like the availability of different types of recovered fibres or specific characteristics of paper machines. Producing the grades in several mills, close to the local market, minimises the distribution costs and benefits the environment. High Performance Fluting decreases the usage of recovered fibres by approximately 10%.