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16 Jul 2013

Smurfit Kappa Towers over the Legends of Rock at Glastonbury

​The Rolling Stones may have hit the headlines at this year’s Glastonbury Festival, but one act towered over and even outshone Mick Jagger.

French artist Olivier Grossetête’s giant cardboard tower at over 18 metres in height was the main feature of the festival’s Theatre and Circus area and was built completely from Smurfit Kappa’s corrugated boxes.

Based on the iconic Glastonbury Tor, the tower was constructed with the aid of festival-goers young and old over the whole festival weekend under the instruction of M. Grossetête. The tower is a progression of his 2012 ‘roofless’ programme first seen in Ayrshire at the Burns an' a' that! Festival, and in Glasgow at the Merchant City Festival, that also used Smurfit Kappa boxes. The ‘roofless’ street art towers that Olivier will build in the UK will all be rebuilt as part of a cardboard city he is creating in Marseilles in September 2013.

1600 corrugated boxes were manufactured by Smurfit Kappa Barnstaple from BC twin wall, Kraft exterior corrugated board, each measuring 480 x 240 x 960mm. The boxes were supplied to Glasgow based organisers UZ Arts (who presented Olivier and InSitu the pan-European network that originally commissioned the project with support from The Arts Council of England. 

30-year-old  Olivier specialises in monumental sculptures constructed from everyday materials that provoke his audiences to reconsider the complexity and beauty of materials taken out of their intended practical context.

It’s not often that corrugated boxes leave you lost for words but in Mick Jagger’s own words if you can’t get ‘No satisfaction’ then this is proof that Smurfit Kappa can build a solution to suit even the most unusual request’.  Thus ‘giving satisfaction!’

Patrick Sweeney,

General Manager, Smurfit Kappa Barnstaple

Patrick Sweeney General Manager of Smurfit Kappa Barnstaple, commented “ If rock and roll is King, then corrugated is definitely the castle, the Tor Tower Olivier and the fans built was stunningly beautiful, immensely strong, and in keeping with  Glastonbury’s sustainable positioning, can of course be recycled in the normal waste recovery stream.