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23 Nov 2012

Preserve natural forests and improve water quality

For the past ten years, Smurfit Kappa in Colombia has made a difference for many people living in the southern mountainous region of the country.

Eucalyptus plantations that are of crucial importance for the regulation and good quality of community water were introduced to the area.

Rosa Amalia Medina, Secretary of the Board that manages the water project in Claridad, is pleased with the support from Smurfit Kappa. “Since 2003, 58 families use water from the La Mina creek. Smurfit Kappa has invested in eucalyptus plantations that have helped us preserve natural forests, protect the soil from erosion and put an end to water contamination from cow droppings by changing the soil use from cattle growing to forests.”

Floresmiro Lugo, President of the same Board, states: “The forestry plantations are very helpful to our community. The environmental pressure on the natural forests has diminished, since we no longer take wood for our families from the forest. We now obtain what we need from what is left after the plantations have been harvested. With regard to water preservation, we have observed that the creek’s flow has stabilised, even during harsh summers, providing our families with plenty of good quality water”.