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02 Jul 2012

Nestlé Special T

A highly sustainable ‘end-to-end’ packaging concept that reduced the packaging used by 40%

The brief

The brief was to create a highly sustainable ‘end-to-end’ packaging concept for the launch of a tea capsule system called SPECIAL.T by Nestlé. Each flavour of tea capsule is packed in boxes of 10, and 16 of these boxes are then placed in a corrugated wrap which is sent to the distribution centre. At the distribution centre, the teas are unpacked and the 10-capsule boxes placed into a pick and pack system ready for re-packing to meet customers order and distribution requirements.


Finding the right solution

At the beginning of the project it had been assumed that two corrugated packs would be needed, one for each step of the journey. However,  an “end to end” concept was designed that allowed the original corrugated wrap to be re-packed with the customer’s order and used for the onward journey to the customer’s home. Working together with Nestlé, we reduced the packaging consumption by 40% delivering significant environmental and cost benefits.

Getting results

As part of the launch of the SPECIAL.T by Nestlé, we were asked to develop a new shipping box for the Welcome Pack containing the tea machine, along with a selection of tea blends, a filter, cups and saucers. This pack had to provide high security and protection, but also remain easy to open

Our Swisswell plant, in Switzerland, developed a totally new concept for the shipping box that does not use any plastic reinforcements and once closed with a newly developed safe lock flap, cannot be opened without visible damage.

“Smurfit Kappa demonstrated the ability to provide a range of innovative solutions. Working together with our R&D centre, they developed the best solution for us, implementing for the first time an ‘end to end’ concept that uses 40% less packaging,"

Jean-Pascal Templier, European Procurement Category Manager for Nestlé.

This provides reassurance to the customer that the pack has not been opened already. The customer opens the Welcome Pack using an innovative perforation, which separates the cover from the bottom allowing the machine to be easily taken out of the box.