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07 Mar 2013

France – The bio-masterminds of SKCDP

Smurfit Kappa Comptoir du Pin (SKCDP) in France proves that sustainability and creativity go hand in hand.

The company procures wood pulp and wood biomass, but the market for this renewable energy source is becoming increasingly competitive.


In response, SKCDP has developed a new procurement strategy focussing on tree stumps as a new untapped resource. The benefits are numerous. It generates additional income for forest owners, creates new jobs, decreases reforestation and forest care costs by 15%, improves productivity on the cleaned soil and procures wood at competitive costs. Furthermore it benefits forest growing conditions.

To harvest the stumps, SKCDP developed special harvesting and crushing techniques that comply with forest management schemes and the requirements of the biomass boiler at our Cellulose du Pin kraftliner mill. The biomass boiler at the mill is fed with wood chips from the stumps. It is an efficient use of a new energy source and this innovation meets the objective of Smurfit Kappa to switch from fossil fuel to renewable energy where possible.