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18 Dec 2012

Break Pack

One smart solution for two displays

This design came about  after close cooperation between Smurfit Kappa and Kerry Foods. The challenge was to develop a more cost-effective version of the already existing Twinpack. One of the demands of Kerry Foods was that it remains attractive once placed on the shelf.  

The journey

After considering various options, it became clear that the Break Pack addressed all of the packaging demands for this product. After this, the main challenge was to create a perforation that was strong enough to withstand the stress of manufacture and distribution, yet weak enough for the pack to open easily and look clean on the shelf. The perfect solution was to implement an innovative and unique perforation sequence.

The resultBreak Pack.jpg

Following this breakthrough, the Break Pack was ready for production. The unique thing about this pack is not only that it turns into two displays out of one transport pack, it also results in 40% less material usage, thus allowing Kerry Foods to hold less stock. This offers clear benefits  both to our customer and the environment. 

The possibilities

"Our solution is an innovative and unique perforation sequence."

Peter Henry, designer Smurfit Kappa Ireland

This scenario portrays just what is possible when we work in close cooperation with our customers. Together with Kerry Foods, we have developed this innovative pack. Our designers have shown their expertise and creativity by understanding what Kerry Foods wants and turning that into something tangible. The design of this packaging offers possibilities for any retail ready pack. It is easy to open, looks excellent on the shelf, has a tamper-evident closure and is simple to erect and fill. In short, this is everything great packaging should aspire to be!