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Nor-Grip is a sustainable paper-based alternative to shrink film on bottles

The Opportunity
Shrink film is used to bundle together large bottles such as soft drinks, cooking oils, bottled water and detergents. With 75% of consumers preferring paper-based packaging over plastic*, many global brands have approached Smurfit Kappa to provide recyclable alternatives for single use plastics such as shrink film.
The Challenge
Brand owners require sustainable packaging alternatives that meet the primary customer need – performance and ease of handling from shop to home.
The paper-based solution
Smurfit Kappa has developed a portfolio of products to replace plastic multi-packs starting with the innovative Nor-Grip solution. Tested extensively the Nor-Grip solution is robust enough to carry the heaviest loads throughout the supply chain ensuring an excellent customer experience from shop to home.
* Studies were performed for a well-known brand on 1200 consumers across Europe

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