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See how we helped a leading pasta producer deliver a sustainable shelf ready packaging solution

The Challenge
Leading producer of pasta, Roma, wanted to update their spaghetti packaging to fit with the new business model of the main retailer in the region. Their existing plastic packaging was inefficient and was having a negative impact on the brand image on-shelf. Unless they changed their packaging, Roma risked being delisted from the large retailers.
Pasta-Roma Before
Pasta-Roma packaging
The Approach
Working in close collaboration with Roma we used our unique ShelfSmart service to design and develop a shelf -ready solution that would not only make an impact on-shelf but would protect both the product and the brand reputation. The new solution would be 100% paper-based in line with our Better Planet Packaging ethos.
Pasta-Roma packaging
The Result
The 100% paper-based solution which is biodegradable and renewable, ticks all the boxes for Roma. The one piece perforated pack can be opened and shopped quickly and easily, drastically reducing the time needed to stock the shelves.  The clean and simple print ensures the product stands out at the point of sale and enhances the brand image. By replacing the plastic bags with cardboard boxes, Roma have secured the business with the largest retailer in the region.

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