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Better Planet Packaging Desafío de Diseño 2019

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What are we looking for in each entry?

Your entry can be provided as:

Text information in English in PDF format (max 1000 words)
Drawings and or pictures (pdf / jpeg)
Movies (mp4)
Size of total submissions to be a max 25 MB.

Your submission should include:

1. Describe your understanding of the problem
2. Describe your approach to the solution
3. Explain your solution:

a. Describe your solution b. How does it work and what advantages does it bring?

b.  Why is your solution providing the same performance as the current solution?

d. Why is it better than current solution?

e. What makes it unique and innovative?

f. What materials are used in your solution? Origin, recyclability, end of life 

How to submit your entry

You can enter for one or both design challenges. If entering both challenges, please submit each entry separately
There is no limit on the number of entries per person. If you are entering more than one entry, please submit each entry separately
You must register online to enter this competition. You will be sent a registration number which should be used in all correspondence and must accompany your submission
Closing date for receipt of entries is 17:00 (GMT) on 29th March 2019
All submissions must be emailed to designchallenge@smurfitkappa.com
After submission
The winner will be selected by Smurfit Kappa judging panel and will be notified by May 1st 2019

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