Thiriet Ice Cream achieved a 37% cost saving by switching to a mono-material packaging solution

The Challenge
Traditionally Thiriet, the third largest manufacturer of ice-cream in France used multiple packaging materials for their product Omelette Norvégienne’ including an aluminum tray, a polystyrene bottom and hood, a carton sleeve and a paper sticker which caused a flow issue in their plants resulting in a loss of efficiency and increased handling costs.
Our Approach
Working in collaboration with the client, Smurfit Kappa developed a mono-material solution based on corrugated materials with specially treated paper on the inside making it resistant to extreme temperatures and allowing contact with food.
The Result
Smurfit Kappa’s innovative mono-material solution resulted in a decrease of 488 pallets per year with a cost saving of 37%. Thiriet also achieved an 11.5% growth in sales volume and delivered a more efficient, sustainable and cost-effective production process resulting in a 40% reduction in CO2.


“Smurfit Kappa’s expertise and ingenuity were a real boost to improving our sustainable image”

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