FSC® Zertifikate - Wellpappendivision

Smurfit Kappa Corrugated or Packaging operations are FSC® Chain of Custody certified.

Below you find an overview of the FSC certificates and trademark licences for each of our certified locations. Our sites are mainly multi-site certified, so the certificates have been divided by country.

FSC® and Forest Stewardship Council® are registered trademarks of the Forest Stewardship Council AC (FSC)

Country Plant Name View Certificate
 Argentina  Smurfit Kappa Bernal-Corrugated  FSC ®  
 Argentina  Smurfit Kappa Coronel Suárez Corrugated  FSC ®  
 Argentina  Smurfit Kappa Sunchales Corrugated  FSC ®  
 Brazil  Smurfit Kappa Bento  FSC ®  
 Brazil  Smurfit Kappa Ceara  FSC ®  
 Brazil  Smurfit Kappa Pirapetinga  FSC ®  
 Brazil  Smurfit Kappa Uberaba  FSC ®  
 Chile  Smurfit Kappa Santiago  FSC ®  
 Colombia  Smurfit Kappa Barranquilla Corrugated  FSC ®  
 Colombia  Smurfit Kappa Bogota Corrugated  FSC ®  
 Colombia  Smurfit Kappa Cali Corrugated  FSC ®  
 Colombia  Smurfit Kappa Medellín Corrugated  FSC ®  
 Costa Rica  Smurfit Kappa Costa Rica  FSC ®  
 Dominican Republic   Smurfit Kappa República Dominicana-Corrugated  FSC ®  
 Dominican Republic  Smurfit Kappa República Dominicana-Paper sacks  FSC ®  
 Ecuador  Smurfit Kappa Guayaquil  FSC ®  
 El Salvador  Cajas y Bolsas S.A.  FSC ®  
 El Salvador  Cajas Plegadizas SA de C.V.  FSC ®  
 Mexico  Smurfit Kappa Cerro Gordo Corrugated   FSC ®  
 Mexico  Smurfit Kappa Los Reyes Corrugated  FSC ®  
 Mexico  Smurfit Kappa Atlas Corrugated  FSC ®  
 Mexico  Smurfit Kappa Atlacomulco Corrugated  FSC ®  
 Mexico  Smurfit Kappa Guanajuato Corrugated FSC ®  
 Mexico  Smurfit Kappa Guadalajara Corrugated  FSC ®  
 Mexico  Smurfit Kappa Culiacan Corrugated  FSC ®  
 Mexico  Smurfit Kappa Monterrey Corrugated Guadalupe  FSC ®  
 Mexico  Smurfit Kappa Cerro Gordo Folding Cartons  FSC ®  
 Mexico  Smurfit Kappa Monterrey Honeycomb  FSC ®  
 Mexico  Smurfit Kappa Queretaro Packaging Solutions   FSC ®  
 Mexico  Smurfit Kappa Juarez  FSC ®  
 Mexico  Smurfit Kappa Mexicali  FSC ®  
 Mexico  Smurfit Kappa Nogales  FSC ®  
 Mexico  Smurfit Kappa Nuevo Laredo  FSC ®  
 Mexico  Smurfit Kappa Tijuana Packaging Solutions  FSC ®  
 Mexico  Smurfit Kappa Tijuana  FSC ®  
 Mexico  Smurfit Kappa Nuacalpan Folding Cartons  FSC ®  
 Mexico  Smurfit Kappa Monterrey Packaging Solutions  FSC ®  
 Mexico  Smurfit Kappa Folding Carton Tijuana  FSC ®  
 USA  Smurfit Kappa Baldwin Park  FSC ®  
 USA  Smurfit Kappa Carson  FSC ®  
 USA  Smurfit Kappa Fort Worth  FSC ®  
 USA  Smurfit Kappa Houston  FSC ®  
 USA  Smurfit Kappa Longview  FSC ®  
 USA  Smurfit Kappa San Antonio  FSC ®  
 USA  Smurfit Kappa Phoenix Roosevelt  FSC ®  
 USA  Smurfit Kappa Phoenix Allison  FSC ®  
 USA  Smurfit Kappa Forney Converting  FSC ®