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23 Aug 2013

Vitop Original asserts its leadership

The favorite tap of wine consumers can now be recognised by a special quality seal.

The Vitop Original® is the leading tap used for wine in Bag-in-Box®. The tap’s success is due in part because it is very easy to use – a simple pressure on one or both wings is enough to make the liquid flow. 

The primary reason for Vitop’s top position however is the tap’s exceptional and consistent quality that is recognised worldwide. Its “zero leaker rate” (< 0.000003% since launch!) is envied by its competitors. During production, a 0.4 bar tightness test is applied to each tap and over 60 quality control points are checked periodically. Additional measurements also confirm an excellent oxygen barrier performance.

With the new Vitop Original® quality seal, wine consumers will know that they continue to receive the best.