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31 Jän 2013

The Netherlands – Green results with Blue Print Process

Our European Research and Development Centre in the Netherlands developed the concept of Blue Print Process for recycled paper stock preparation.

The technology is based on optimisation and simplification to reach the lowest consumption of energy and the highest fibre yield to improve environmental performance.

Testliner, fluting and board are produced with recovered paper. Recovered paper enters the paper mill and is processed in the stock preparation plant to produce a clean stock that is fed to the paper machine to produce paper. In the stock preparation plant, equipment is installed to handle, slush, screen and clean the stock.

Blue Print has successfully been implemented in four of the Smurfit Kappa recycled paper mills in 2011. SSK, in the UK, realised energy savings of 1,400 MWh/year. Townsend Hook, in the UK, cut pulping electricity consumption by 40% and improved pulp cleanliness. Herzberger, in Germany, simplified their system to reduce energy use by 4,000 MWh/year and Oude Pekela, in the Netherlands, shortened the production line to save 2,700 MWh/year.