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07 Mär 2013

Smurfit Kappa extends Pouch-Up product range

Smurfit Kappa extends Pouch-Up® range

Smurfit Kappa has announced that it is offering a more extensive range of Pouch-Up® products. Pouch-Up® now comes in two shapes - one with a single gusset at the base and one with a gusset at the bottom and top. 

New formats of 1L and 1.5L double gusset have been added to the existing range which now includes seven different formats – 1L, 1.5L, 1.75L and 3L single gusset, 1L, 1.5L and 1.75L double gussets.


While there is little visual difference, the double gusset Pouch-Up® offers all the benefits of the single gusset – high performance film, convenience and a low carbon footprint. Smurfit Kappa supplies three different film structures – Triplex PET MET, Triplex EVOH, and Quadruplex Aluminium - according to customer needs.

The entire surface can be printed, ensuring brands stand out on the shelf. The innovative film and the Vitop® compact tap provide a high oxygen barrier, allowing the drink inside to stay fresher for longer. Pouch-Up® meets the growing needs of on-the-go consumption - light, unbreakable and easy to use.


This development, which meets customer needs, is set to further increase the popularity of this modern, economical, practical and environmentally-friendly packaging solution.