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02 Okt 2013

Smurfit Kappa launches 3D Store Visualiser

Before you make it real, make it right.

An optimal packaging design will lead to the perfect shopping experience. New technology now allows customers to live this experience and translate it in to reality with Smurfit Kappa´s 3D Store Visualiser which was launched last week.

With the unique Smurfit Kappa Shelf Viewer we can analyse your product's on-shelf challenge today. The Store Visualiser allows access to thousands of interchangeable optimisation scenarios, pictures, movies and live demos of segment brands and customer specific packaging options to face that on-shelf challenge. All these options are projected on a giant 4.5 by 2.5 meter high resolution screen.

The Store Visualiser follows last year’s launch of the Shelf Viewer. It is the latest step in Smurfit Kappa´s range of Innotools and consolidates our market positioning with innovation that works.
With the Store Visualiser we give our customers a clear competitive advantage as the impact of packaging design in a shopper’s experience can be tested before it goes into the market. So, before a packaging design is made real, it is made right.

 “One of our main objectives is to help our customers succeed in the marketplace. The Store Visualiser proves our  leadership in uniting  technology with unique packaging insights, and is the next step in understanding consumers by literally stepping into their shoes. This is how we ensure that when our customers are designing and testing their packaging, before making it real...they make it right”.

Tony Smurfit,
Smurfit Kappa´s Chief Operations Officer

The secure and confidential environment that the Store Visualiser provides for brand research is the best way to guarantee the most significant impact at that First Moment of Truth, when shoppers come into contact with the brand.

This study of consumer behaviour is a competitive advantage, and is a step further in Smurfit Kappa´s leadership in researching  the optimisation of packaging design for our customers.

Our constant improvement shows that in Smurfit Kappa we know that the future is now, and we are ready for it.