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09 Feb 2012

Energy efficiency at corrugated plant in Mexico

Our Los Reyes plant has reduced its gas consumption by 9% and has seen its emissions of NOx reduced by 40%.

In our Los Reyes corrugated plant in Mexico, improvements have been made to their boiler leading to reductions in energy consumption and emission.

Through technical improvements to the boiler, combustion gases from the chimney can be fed back into the boiler’s burner. The improvements, consisting of additional piping and boiler control mechanisms led to a:

  • 9% reduction in natural gas consumption relative to production
  • 40% reduction in NOx emissions
  • 5% reduction in CO2 emissions.

This improvement contributes to one of our long-term commitments of achieving a:

  • 20% reduction in CO2 emissions from fossil fuels across all our operations in 2020 compared to 2005.