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02 Nov 2012

Argentina – New water treatment plant at the Bernal paper mill

During 2011, the installation of a new water treatment plant took place in our paper mill in Bernal, Argentina.

Commissioning of the new equipment took place in April 2012 and the site can now perform water treatment in various stages

Primary treatment is done through a dissolved air flotation unit (DAF) removing fibres from water coming from the paper machine. Biological treatment takes place in an anaerobic reactor, followed then by an aerobic biological reactor.  


The microbiological processes within the anaerobic reactor break down much of the organic loading and produce biogas, which we intend to use as an energy source at the mill. To finalise the biological treatment of the water it is led into activated sludge basins. The final physical treatment of the effluent, aiming to decrease suspended solids prior to water reuse or discharge, takes place in a clarification tank where suspended solids are removed from the aerobically treated water.

With the new equipment, the Bernal plant will be able to significantly reduce its discharge loadings to the water system.