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Medical Packaging

Medical Packaging

Medical packaging provides the full protection of medical examination samples during transit.

Meeting all international regulations for dangerous goods, medical packaging is manufactured from corrugated board bespoke to your requirements and is available in a variety of formats.

Medical packaging has a hinged lid with a locking feature that allows the pack to be sealed without the need for extra materials.

Packs can also be made tamper resistant if required.

The packs have been specifically designed to ensure they fit into mail boxes and contain fitments to ensure the contents are firmly protected during transit.

Strict hygiene policies and procedures are in place during the manufacturing and dispatch process to ensure no contamination of the product.


  • Made from corrugated board
  • Bespoke to your exact size and performance requirements
  • Custom fitments available
  • Shipped ready to use
  • Tamper resistant solution available
  • High quality print available


  • Minimises the risk of any product damage
  • Meets all dangerous goods regulations
  • Confidence that the pack can be delivered by post and fits mail boxes
  • Tamper resistant lock ensures product is completely safe during transit
  • Strict hygiene standards practised in manufacture and dispatch
  • Environmentally friendly - made from a renewable resource and 100% recyclable


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