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Paper ships sail towards green future

​Sustainability case study: Royal Wagenborg specialises in international transport by water and road.

The Dutch company operates a modern maritime fleet with more than 175 vessels. Two of its ice-strengthened roll-on/roll-off carriers (Ro-Ro), the Balticborg and the Bothniaborg, transport paper for Smurfit Kappa from Sweden to the UK, Germany and The Netherlands.

“Sustainability is important in the philosophy of both companies”, states Koos Zumkehr, Director Chartering Wagenborg. “That is why we approach it pro-actively. Six years ago our new ships already complied with the highest regulations of the new Energy Efficiency Design Index that goes into effect in 2013. In the harbour our Ro-Ro paper carriers are fed with electricity from shore - no diesel generator is needed. Each ship features a tank to comply with our zero dumping policy. And together with Smurfit Kappa we place much emphasis on fuel efficiency.”

“More than 12 years ago, ships carrying Smurfit Kappa paper were already sailing on fuel with less than 1% sulphur. This became legally mandatory only in 2010.”

“Nowadays we are evaluating how to adapt to new fuel regulations imposed by the International Maritime Organisation as of 2015. The directive meets much opposition due to technical issues and the limited area it applies to, promoting unfair competition. We favour global implementation of regulations from which our environment truly benefits in the long term.”